& extremely empathetic so there's a VERY good chance that I will cry at your wedding. 😁

My friends and family call me Jay. My parents call me Jaybird. I was raised in the teeniest little small town, Orrville, Ohio and my roots will be there forever. I now live in Roswell, GA and other than being a photographer, I am a server at a little Cajun restaurant in downtown Roswell and I absolutely love it! 

I find so much joy in (as cliché as it sounds) the little things in life. Dinner with my family. Going on long drives. Taking naps. Drinking coffee in the morning. Going to the movies. Eating ice cream (at least) once a day. I'm really gullible and I laugh at literally EVERYTHING. I'm that person that laughs out loud to herself while watching TV alone. 😂

I like to learn new things like cooking and trying to learn TikTok dances (that I'll never show anybody or actually post on TikTok) and I'll get really passionate about it for a few days and then it'll fizzle (lol). And then I'll find something new that I want to learn for the next few days. I'm a true jack of all trades, master of none. But, photography was a thing that stuck for some reason ;)

I have soooo much love for my family and my friends. I truly have THE BEST support system so I must shout them out and thank them for their love and support!!!

Loving, Fun, Optimistic AF,
super chill,

HIII! I'm Jaycie :)